Instagram Full Focus:

Instagram is time consuming, artistically demanding, and massively important in terms of brand reputation. Without a doubt, we believe that it is the most effective, affordable way, to produce quick website clicks to perfectly targeted markets. 

EAA provides:

  • page set up (logo link, email, call, directions, website link set up)
  • daily posts (graphic design included)
  • market research 
  • daily activity (following, liking, commenting) 
  • monthly reports


High Quality Photography:

As a business, you absolutely need a steady flow of high quality photography for your website and social media pages. Without this you will see a decrease in sales. 

EAA provides:

  • 10-200 photo options

High Quality Video:

Without testimonials, promos, or just a basic walk through video for your website and social pages, you limit your creative outreach potential. We can create any type of promotional, or creative video you can think of. 

EAA provides:

  • High Quality video (1-3 per month)

Facebook Management:

Facebook posting is time consuming and can completely misdirect your product (if your business isn't familiar with Facebook Audience Insights and your target market) 

EAA provides:

  • page set up (logo link, email, call, directions, website link set up)
  • daily posts (graphic design included)
  • Audience Insights reports
  • daily activity (commenting , responding to messages)
  • monthly reports

Facebook Advertising:

Facebook advertising is the most cost effective form of generating new business for small to mid sized businesses. You can specifically target effectively every specific demographic, interest, behavior, profession and more. 

EAA provides:

  • Facebook advertising walk through
  • Facebook Pixel set up (this leads to the option for retargeting anyone who visits your website)
  • Facebook advertising (conversions, traffic, lead forms, local reach etc)

PR Outreach

SEO and new leads can come quickly from good press. However, spending time researching and emailing is tough as a business owner. We take care of that for you on a pay per post basis. 

EAA provides:

  • Pay Per Post PR 

Analytical Reports:

There are multiple softwares which allow any business owner to sell, advertise, and design much more specifically. The difficulty is that sometimes these software programs and reports are a bit confusing, especially when you are busy. We can take care of this for you.

EAA provides:

  • Google Analytics set up, walk through, and reports
  • Audience Insight custom avatar
  • Audience Insight reports
  • Competitor Insight reports
  • Facebook Pixel set up

Graphic Design:

Logos are something you cannot go without, The issue, on a limited budget, is they are usually $800 ! We can provide high quality logo options that are social media, website, and business card compatible while remaining affordable. 

EAA provides:

  • 3 logo options
  • social media re-formatted logos
  • edits to logo 

Website Creation:

It can be argued that a website is just as important as your brick and mortar storefront. Because of this, you cannot afford to have anything less than grade-A design, mobile responsiveness, and content display. However, once again, a big issue for hiring many agencies is price. With our website creation services you are given top notch design, mobile responsiveness, content display, and variability. 

EAA provides:

  • Website Creation
  • Website Design
  • Website

Digital Marketing Audits

EAA provides:

  • Our CEO will visit your place of business, assess your culture then...
  • We send a simple plan on 
    • types of photos to take that are 100% unique to your business aesthetic
    • what employees should be taking which photos 
    • what employees would be a good fit for making status', running pages
  • We send a simple plan with
    • specific reports on what exactly to hashtag
    • specifics on who to follow
    • simple software to make growth guaranteed without an agency

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